Painted Song

August seems to have melted away, midst the puddling heat. I just came home from a vacation and I feel rushed. for I am not quite prepared to leave August behind. I keep looking for the lost days, as though I had simply misplaced them and will any moment come upon them again, to fill them with sounds and songs, with musings and photos, with all the little bundles of knotted thread I call my life. I came home to a flurry of activity, to emails and waiting phone calls, and now I am looking towards my next concert, only a week a bit away! 

The concert is called Painted Song. Isn't that a wonderful name for a concert? I can say that because I didn't come up with it ~laugh~. The concert is being put on by the City of Calgary and promises to be a peaceful and beautiful night in one of Calgary's secret park treasures, Ralph Klein Park.

I am thrilled to be accompanied by Jan Pearce on harp and Trudy Hipwell on percussion and as an added treat, an organic and vivacious painter, Jacqulynn Mulyck will be painting an original creation while I sing. How amazing is that? 

The event is free, hosted by the City of Calgary Parks and includes pond-dipping, nature walks, children’s art activities and games, and of course and outdoor concert by moi! What is not to love? ~smile~ 

It comes quickly next week and though I feel pressed for time, this is like a gentle leaf floating wistfully to the ground midst a storm of activity, I feel nothing but pleasure warming my woefully unused vacation voice on the songs I plan to sing in my sets. 

Oh September you are my favorite of all months...


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