New Single - Giant's Causeway

 I am so very excited to announce the release of a collaborative single I did with Danish pianist and composer, Nicky Bendix ( It's called Giant's Causeway and was recorded and performed by Nicky and I despite the fact that we live on different continents! Oh the marvels of technology ~smile~. 

What does it sound like? Well, if you fused Enya-esque New Age with some Celtic-y Loreena McKennitt and then added some contemporary synth work, you might start getting close. Of course, the best way to know is to have a listen yourself! So without further ado.... 

Giant's Causeway on CD baby!
. It can also be purchased on itunes and other digital download sites. 

And because I appreciate all your support so very much, I will send a limited edition ceramic pendant from my Orpheus video/concert to the first 5 to buy the single and then post a line from it on my facebook page , Sorasinger


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