New Radio, New Review, New Podcast!

It's always when I am driving or doing something else that general precludes the notion of writing when little petals of lyrics float through my mind and leave me desperately searching for a pen while the light is red ~laugh~. Sometimes even while talking to someone, I will just have this moment where two thoughts seems to slide into place, like some kind of momentary eclipse and I either have to let them slide out again to lose them into the day or I have to become some kind of social pariah and furiously write them down to the confusion of my conversation partner. 

I have started a new radio/press campaign in the US and a tiny bit in Europe and am very pleased that the following radio stations are playing my music!
Radio Rijnwoude in the Netherlands. Featured on "Hey Joe". 
KKHI in Colorado
Lost Frontier in Spain

AND...a new review on the Reflections of Darkness e-zine.

Children of Lir was played on the Celtic Shaman Podcast on March 22, 2010.

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