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Often I wish to sit down companionably with my thoughts, to examine where my inspiration is leading. The days recently are so fluid, washing into each other, sweeping through time as a river flooding. It seems I borrow against time's oblivion with my pitiful plea "hold off, hold off, for just a moment". Time is a poor negotiator, or perhaps I am, as it devours me as easily as the wind does the autumn seeds. Doesn't help to be constantly battling against the miriad of colds and flus that seem rampant this year. When I desired nothing more than to stand in front of my mic recording my wandering thoughts, instead I spent yesterday in a fevered haze, a day passed without my knowledge or consent. Perhaps it's better to befriend time's ravages and woo the moments as they bloom rather than rue their passing. 

I am very pleased to announce that, in addition to Prikosnovenie, I am being distributed by Projekt Darkwave in the US. Yea! 

They have a whole lot of cool music, so I urge you to check them out :)

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