Moving On Studio Day!

The night sky in Toronto feels different than in Calgary. It is pulled in by the corded edges of the city, with light spilling along all the little corners. Every time I come to Toronto, the flavor of it changes slightly. City's have moods, and Toronto is staying in tonight, satisfied to gaze inward. 

I spent the day at Noble Street recording a song for my husband's film production called "Moving On". The story is interesting and touching, about two ghosts who cannot seem to move on and end up following around the ones they loved, trying to find a way to unstick themselves. It was both a challenge and an honour to write a song for the film. It took me months to find the right voicing for the song, to write the words that did justice to the script. 

Though I have recorded enough to feel comfortable with the process and in a studio, there is always a small amount of nervous excitement to me about going into the studio. Today was no exception to this although I have been feeling introspective about the journey of this song. The subject matter lends itself to a more subdued approach and I have found my thoughts to be grounded and soft today. Still, how can one not feel the rising eeee!!!! when faced with THIS room????

The arrangement for the song has been small,a decision that seems to fit the timbre of the lyrics and with unusual instrumentation; harp, middle eastern flute, piano and voice. It was, as always, fun to have Sharlene Wallace in the studio, and I was very pleased to meet Ernie Tollar today. I have wanted to add a middle eastern wind instrument to the sound palette of my songs, I almost couldn't believe that he would actually be there until I walked into the studio and was immediately transfixed by the undulating notes that seemed to hover before me, like beautiful jewels. Listening to a song I breathed into life become fleshed out and given adornments, is always a gift to me. Sharlene's harp was dulcet while the flute sounds were tender. Doug's piano playing gave it all a bit of a shimmer. That is Sharlene, myself and Ernie just after....

Finally vocals.....and with 3 crazy good mics to choose from, what is a girl to do but sing with ALL three of them, and then have a choice ~laugh~ In the end we chose the one to the far right. 

Time is a strange beast. We wish so badly for it to speed up to get to the events we plan, that we look forward to, that was stretch ourselves towards. And when in the thick of the moment, it runs so quickly, like water through one's fingers. The day closes, and I feel introspective. It's the first time I don't have at least a crude mix to listen to, to wind down the day with. There isn't even music in my head right now, just silence, space waiting to be filled. It's a good day....

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