Light Video: I need your help!

As the final production work nears completion on my video for "Eurydice" - - I have started planning for my next video for my song "Light".

And this time - I want to co-create it with you!

This is all that I need you to do:

1. Listen to the song. :) (found on the player on my website

2. Send me an image ( that creatively completes this phrase: 

"The light inside will..."

The image can be of you - of nature - of nature on you! Anything your imagination can conjure. It can be something handwritten, typed, collaged, painted. Anything!

The only limitations are:

- it must creatively complete the phrase: "The light inside will..."
- if your creative response is text based - try to keep it under 10 words.
- nothing obscene or r-rated please
- all photos and creative designs must be copyrighted to you
- the image must be 300 dpi (a big photo) - it's going to be in a video so the resolution must be high
- the image must be sent by August 15, 2010 to

3. In your email to me - please provide the following:

- The image as an attachment (please do not embed it in the email)
- Name
- Contact information
- The following phrase giving me permission to use your image in the video and any promotion for the video:

I, (your name) agree to allow Sora (Andrea Hunt) and any of her representatives to use the attached image, (name of image), for her music video and the promotion of the music video "Light".

Yea! Thanks so much - - I am SO excited about collaborating with you on this project! It's going to be beautiful.


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