Light (December)

I am sitting on my bed, laptop on lap while the sun wavers through my windows as if diffused through water. The December sun often feels resigned to me as if it tried to climb the steps to the sky and became distracted along the way, stopping to kiss the tops of the trees and the low laying clouds. Barely lifting it's weary feet into the heavens, instead hovering on the edges of day, the guest that hangs in the doorway long past the ends of conversation. Still, I find great pleasure in what feels like an indulgence, to to washed, even with such fragile light feels contented. There is a synchronicity to my blogging wanderings today as I set out to mention a blog in which my song "Light" was reviewed. The blog post was all about the solstice and light. See? Synchronicity ~laugh~ 

So without further ado, I hope you will check it out as there are a few other artists reviewed there as well....Oliver di Place Blog

It's all uphill from here, the nights will fade as day claws back it's reign...

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