Some days I wake with words on my lips, that seem to bubble up from some deep recess of dream, a journey forth that leaves me shaken and new, as if such a word was a blossom opening within my mind. As if such a word was birthed just then, and I the carrier of it's joy. I woke the other day with indelible in my mouth, a continuity that I was joining, as if that one word was a conversation all unto itself. It was my companion that day, that word, sitting so amicable within my thoughts, gently shaping the clay waves and patterns of mind. Often I am struck by the impermanence of all, how each moment feels so sharp in its passing, how the day bleeds it's lifeblood into night, how the seasons spiral forth into infinite variety. So to have indelible as a filter, was curious and lead to a thought that I have been tumbling round over the last few weeks, that in some ways our words, our actions are indelible, echoing out through the ages, not just in print, but as waves infinitely small, but still vibrating into infinity. I thought of how each choice, each chance encounter leaves little marks, as if time were marking seconds passed onto the wall of the soul. I am still tasting how indelible feels to me, and finding that it's richness is wanting to be explored such that threads pulled through notes appear within my mind and I long to discover what indeed is indelible.

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