There is an impermanence to things. The way the light dissolves beyond the day. The way the waves eat the shoreline. The continents are moving beneath our feet, slowly and unfailingly, creating a new world with each passing second. Castles crumble to the ground and the wind wears away even the strongest stone. All things change endlessly. I sometimes want for things to be static, for a moment to last into an infinity, but such things are not possible. The sun does not rise in sameness every day. And love does not hold against the dictates of an always changing world. I am thinking of you today. Of many yous. Of the friendships that were to be forever, but that were set up to fail, held to the mirror of an impossible standard. Everyone leaves. Some come back. Some don't. But we cannot help but to be as the stardust that forms our bones and dissipate slowly and surely even within the strongest hopes of forever. I think of you, of the moment we were as conquering civilizations...invincible. I remember the way your face dazzled me in it's luminosity, the way you felt like my personal fortress against the world. I remember our flags held high up to the world, our proclamations, both grandiose and poignant, how it felt beautiful to be seen by you. Eyes are fickle though and pass over, slide past, close against what ugliness there can be in jealousy, in expectation, in pride. All turns to debris eventually, unwanted, unneeded, unseen.

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