I heart cello

When this one cello line was played today in the booth, I was busy bantering with the violinist, and it stopped me so completely I could do nothing but gape while my eyes filled with tears. It just was so heart breaking in it's poignancy. There was this one note, that literally left me gasping for air. How could I not sing my own heart out then for the lead vocal after that? Scorpion Moon just bleeds now, it aches and encapuslates more than just a story, it has something truthful to say, something real. It is these moments, as an artist, that I live for.

Tomorrow is backup vocals, which I always find fun. All the pressure of the lead vocal is off and it's all about mood and nuance. In the meantime, a picture of myself with Wendy and Lenny Solomon (cello and violin).

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