Hiraeth baby!

Every song I write, I want to hear recorded. I think that is probably true of all musicians, although maybe not. I know for me, I want to sometimes just be the listener. To hear the song rather than be the one shaping the sound of it. To hear my voice, as the chords cradle it, as others hear it, rather than be ever conscious of breath, pitch and tone. And occasionally I write a song that feels so good in my bones that I get a deja vue feeling when it's finished. The feeling is almost that I knew the song before I wrote it, that I heard it before I heard it. Those are the ones I desperately want to record, the ones that contain within them a shiver of recognition to me, as if they are saying "YES, we waited so long for you to let us into the light". Hiraeth is one of those songs. So imagine for a moment the pure of joy of hearing this song leap into itself today. Joy, joy JOY! Above all other songs I have written, it was Hiraeth I desperately wanted to have recorded. 

In the decision making process that accompanies a demo recording, it never comes down to which song I love the most. It always comes down to which showcases my sound, what I am capable of. Sometimes it's the showier ones, but never it is just the song that stirs the artist in me. Hiraeth wasn't going to be on the demo because of the title, which is obscure (but which I love). And yet, here it is! I am so going to do a happy dance now ~laugh~ 

And listening back, I culd never have anticipated the direction it is taken which has a funky upbeat Enya vibe to it. There is something that reminds me of "Storms in Africa", the drums I think. And tomorrow, the cellist is coming in! In know I said it yesterday, but a cello! The sound of a cello is so sensual, full of longing and depth. How can I be anything but completely excited. There is the hugest smile on my face right now. 

Today, being a musician is the greatest thing in the world.

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