It is a perfect autumn day in Calgary, the heat is just a visitor upon day's shore and will retreat with the sun as night lifts from the ground. The air is hazed, perhaps with wandering smoke from fire still holding other lands hostage. It is an autumn salient, falling in every second. In such ways it seems surreal to be sitting in an airport, awaiting my flight to Toronto, with a small amount of disbelief. I have been working for 3 years to be at this point, right here, right now. Three years to be standing here with butterfly heart fluttering against my tingling skin, threads of songs running endlessly through my mind. You never know what the universe will bring, if there will be enough to record anew. Enough money, enough opportunity, enough creativity, enough support. So it is with great gratitude I approach this new recording. I sit in a perfect autumn, feeling nothing but appreciation for everyone who has contributed to this possibility.

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