Fates Concert

I am so energized by last night's rehearsal for the "Fates" concert on Saturday. The acoustics are fantastic there. The first song I sang, I had this thrilling shiver that just rolled up my spine as our 3 voices blended together as if weaving a crystalline vase. Pure.joy. 

The concert is completely unique, no just the material but the format, with the performers flowing through each other's material, with poetry in between. I am buzzing with excitement. 

The show is at the Knox Presbyterian Church....that is the PRESBYTERIAN church not the United. 
3704 37th St SW
Tickets are $12 and can be bought at the door or through Paypal. 

Speaking of concerts, there are some pictures posted from the Celtic Fusion concert from last Saturday under the event or under the "live" tab of my photos section. There is also an interview posted in my videos section from Sunday morning with John Iverson of CKUW's "Shades of Classics". For some reason when you pull it up, it says it can't find the file and then starts playing it, so it WILL play. Computer....sheesh.

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