6 more weeks of winter

Though the sun was a brilliant companion to the day, still this week the groundhog declared that there were to be six more weeks of winter. If you can call this winter ~laugh~ Still, I think my body took heart to the groundhog's warning as I developed a strange and ridiculous cold this week, which has left me feeling beyond tired. If I could sleep all day, I most certainly would. I always feel out of sorts when I am sick, partially because I can't (or shouldn't) sing. It is as though the world has lost some of it's sparkle when I am muted and I can't spontaneously burst into song. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. ~laugh~ And others notice. Two times this week I have been told I was 'dim'....as in...not as bright...by which it was meant "you just aren't as lit up as you usually are (not you are seeming particularly stupid ~laugh~). I have to say though that seeing some of the fantastic shots that Adrea Wirl took over the summer at the crumbling mansion gave me back a bit of my sparkle ~smile~ 

To be uploaded properly on my website as soon as possible....(read: when I finally get out of my pjs)

That one in the doorway...wow. I love that picture, I have to say...~smile~ 

Photo Credit: Adrea Wirl
Hair: Dallas Savage
Lighting Assistant: Tamara Lacelle

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