The Loom

An Irish folk song arranged by Grace Williams.


The lyrics of this song remind me a bit of Penelope waiting for Odysseus, sad and alone stitching on her loom his shroud waiting for him to return. Of course this song is in no way related to the Greek story of Penelope and Odysseus, but it makes me think of it.


One night as I sat weaving at my loom
All my thoughts were filled with dark and wintry gloom
My joy had long departed
My youthful years had flown away
Flown away and left me all too soon
And alas, upon my spirit care was strewn

Then slowly I arose and left my loom
And in sorrow wandered from my lonely room
A myriad stars were shining
And all the heavene were bright and clear
Bright with silv`ry radiance from the moon
And the nightengale poured for her silv`ry tune

Such beauty eased my heart and I came home
To my loom, to my loom.



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