Searching for Lambs

Arranged by Vaughn Wiliams


What I love the most about this song is that it is in 5/4 time, giving it, in my opinion, a feeling of weightlessness, as if the music was set free from its constraints.

Arranged by R. Vaughn Williams. A side note, I played `Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis` by Vaughn Williams as a teenager, and it formed a deep impression on me, with these sweeping rolls of sound that sounded like the waves on the ocean to me.

Searching for Lambs - Winds of Change



As I went out one May morning
One May morning betime,
I met a maid from home had strayed
Just as the sun did shine.

`What makes you rise so soon my dear, 
Your journey to pursue?
Your pretty little feet, they tread so sweet
Strike off the morning dew.`

`I`m going to feed my father`s flock
His young and tender lambs
That over hiles and over dales
Lie waiting for their dams`.

`O stay! O stay! You handsome maid
And rest a moment here
For there is none but you alone
That I do love so dear

How gloriously the sun doth shine
How pleasant is the air
I`d rather rest on a true love`s breast
Then any other where, 

For I am thine and thou art mine
No man shall uncomfort thee;
We`ll join our hands in wedded bands
And married we shall be.



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