I am catalyst
Alchemist of changed time
Transformation of need
At this accelerated
High reaction rate

Catalyst used
But never absorbed
To become one
With progress

Discarded rather
The waste of procession
A cocoon shredded
For a better tomorrow

In the tarnished aftermath
I react as though reagent
To your chemical explorations
Consumed in the fires
Of your renewed vows

For my gift to you
Was knowledge
The mapped edges
Of what you were willing
To sacrifice
A sharpening of perspective

And her
She was bequeathed
The smallest key called truth
Which required only courage
To find a more devoted you
The formula to transform
Leaded disappointments
Into gold.

I am the other woman
Call me slut
Man stealer

But don’t forget
That through me
You are transformed
And I am the substance
Burned away

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