I am landlocked
Held cracking against
The parched lips
Of an extinct sea
whose name was desire.

I lay myself moist
Before hard edges
Of unforgiving horizons
While the ancestral
Memories of tides
Pull against
Sadly crescent eyes

I chant my name
In a piercing mute cry
Lest I forget
In this shriveled bed
The strange sound
Of my lush singularity

Remembrance is
A slick coat
Easily slipped off
To skirt the shores
Of abundance
But impossible to mold
To the drying hands
Of time.

I am of two
Worlds flowing seamlessly
The quickening surf
Between shadows
Of was and not

I once danced
Like moonlight
Upon wet sand
And knew nothing
Of arbitrary lines
Called possession

Now I wither
Held static
To a form
And dying for want
Of the inconstant sea.

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