I am as Orpheus
spent of my song
that I ripped
from the fragile casing
of my tears;
from despair.

I am as Orpheus
walking towards a tomorrow
that is behind me
told not to look back,
not to let my torrid eyes
rest on the face
that calls to me
from within the dreamscapes
of memory

I am as Orpheus
begging the makers
of time and fate
to grant me this one
one stay of execution
bartering conditions for
the smallest margin of hope

I am as Orpheus
haunting this ghost town
moving through desperately
believing that you
my love
are behind me
one breathe away

that if I just keep going
through this languid story
that somehow I will find
the strength to hold on
just hold on
until the darkness falls
away to reveal the light
of your heart stepping flush
against the beating wilds of my smile.

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