Douglas Romanow - my fabulous producer
Noble Street Studios
Sync Spot Audio - Some vocals on Heartwood recorded here
The Station Recording Company - Wings in Flight recorded here


Adrea Wirl - photographer, graphic art, CD design
Lea Hawkins - photographer, graphic art, CD design (Heartwood, Light EP)
Keven Fedirko - photographer
Liba Labik - painter whose work appears on some of my postcards and with whom I collaborated on the "Naiad" art installation
Renee Robyn Photography - Underwater Photography for Scorpion Moon
Makeup By Jackie - Makeup for many of my Calgary Shoots
Rivera Make-up - Fab underwater make-up


Sharlene Wallace - fabulous Toronto based harpist who played on Heartwood and Ccorpion Moon
Vanessa Cardui - mythical singer that I often collaborate in concert and on her albums
Nicky Bendix - Danish new age composer and musician who I collaborate with often
Jan Pearce - innovative Calgary based harp player that I often work with
Cindy O'Neil - neo-jazz singer with whom I recorded "Wings in Flight"
Fergus Marsh - stick player on Heartwood
Frank Horvat - passionate piano player
George Koller - Bassist on Light and Heartwood
Hugh Marsh - electric violinist who played on Heartwood
Kevin Breit - guitar player on Heartwood
Jason Fowler - guitar player on Scorpion Moon
Ron Korb - Flute player on Scorpion Moon


Prikosnovenie - French distributor
Projeck Darkwave - Projekt is America`s premier independent label specializing in passionately intense introspective music across a variety of darkwave genres.
Magnatune - Magnatune is a next-generation record label offering shared revenue, sales, and licensing to its musicians.


Last Tango Productions -Yvonne Valnea, Canadian publicist
Randall Davis

Fabulous people who make it all possible

Calgary Family Services - Calgary based organization (who do amazing work) for whom `Legacy` was written
Canadian Voice Care Foundation - If you are a singer, you NEED to know about this organization
Circles of Rhythm - An amazing drum circle that runs every week
FACTOR - Helped to fund Light, Heartwood and Scorpion Moon
Rawlco Radio - Help to Fund `Heartwood` through their station Magic 99 in Edmonon as part of the 10K20 program
Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Helped to fund Scorpion Moon

Where to buy my music

CDbaby - All my music can be purchased here
Self Connection Books Self Connection is a fabulous store in Montgomery, Calgary, which sells books, music and gifts focused on personal growth and wellness

Bloggers and Podcasters

Astreaux World - this program features an interview about stories and music as well as music from both Heartwood and Scorpion Moon
Baxojayz-Centricity - A shout out on March 2, 2010
Oliver di Place - A solstice review of my song "Light"
Articmist - "Heartwood played on episode 193, "Hurricane" played on episode 194
Astral Audio - "The Juniper" played on Feb 28, 2010
Atmospheres Radio - Heartwood played on Episode #17
Celtic Roots Radio - "Children of Lir" played on Episode 10
Celtic Shaman Podcast - "Winter" played on Yule 2009 episode
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast - Host: Marc Gunn. Twilight was played on episode #73.   The Tower played on episode #139
Light Report Podcast - Lots of cool New Age music on this podcast.
Originz - An Australian podcast focusing on stories
Mysteries Abound Podcast - Australian podcast
Royalty Free Quality Music - In the UK
Sixty Seven Music - Music from Heartwood played on Episode 27 and 29
Women's Radio Podcast - The Juniper played on Episode 16

Sites where I can be found Constantly. Consuming. Culture.
The Spiritual Significance of Music - An interesting series of books with artists` take on the spiritual significance of music
Celtic Myth and Moonlight

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters.




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