~laughing~ Well, as per usual, I have few pictures of me actually singing in session, but I DO have one of Doug adding some masculine layering to the sound. So voila! Here it is ~laugh~ What a great day yesterday. Every new place I record, I have to try and find that essential core of myself and draw it up, as sap is drawn up the trunk of a tree. It can be disconcerting to be in a new and unknown place and try to find that vocal space you were in, when you were in a completely different physical space last time. To close your eyes and try to find the continuity in yourself. Ultimately though, I think it is the music that is the continuity, and you just have to release into it once more, let the voice settle after a nervous take and just breathe the music into yourself and out again on the waves of breath. 

We started with Children of Lir and one of the more exhilarating parts of the process is Doug always pushing me to discover what the emotional current is in each song, what is REALLY being said. And then gently easing me into expressing it as fully as I can. I enjoy the challenge of having to explain my song, explain my lyrics and then the even greater challenge of having to find a way to get that across, solely through the tone and quality of the voice. Not sure I always succeed ~laugh~ Even though I write the songs and the lyrics, sometimes it is helpful to have to put into words the emotional state I am trying to create with them. Because I write what I feel, and don't try to define it, but create the mood through words that are usually narrative rather than simple description. I write images to match the thought, the feeling I am trying to evoke. To have to take that down to one word, to simplify it in our sessions, clarifies the intent to me as well. After the lead vocal we added these haunting harmonies, oh I am in love with the harmonies. At one point Doug says "I think we need a little more grit in these oooos". ~laugh~ I tried, but pretty much knew it was hopeless, I really don't have "grit" in my voice. And that brings us back to Doug singing in the booth, giving me the grit we needed in the harmonies. And it sounds absolutely A-MAZ-ING. Just knocks the breath out of my lungs, this deep undercurrent of sounds that flow around the lead vocals, adding this breathy despondency. 

After a dinner of Thai food (which was so delicious I could have given myself to it), we started in on Hurricane. I was afraid, yes I was. Last time Hurricane was such a disappointment to me, and I berated myself for a month over my vocal performance of it. It is my hardest song though and takes a lot out of me to sing it. We turned off all the lights in the booth, so I could only see light where Doug was sitting outside of the booth and started in on Hurricane, creating a sound that is very much unlike what I usually do, breathy, dark. I sang and sang and sang pouring out all that I had to the microphone. Letting all those relationships that created this song exorcise themselves through my voice and by 9:30 my low notes were pretty much gone, but the sound...is very very promising. Most of it is done, and just a few things to add today. Wow....I surprised myself with it. This one...is going to be a bit shocking to some people I think :)

And...back in the studio today! I was so tired by the time I got home, completely spent from Hurricane. Fell into sleep and now am excited and ready to go!



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