Whenever I sit down to record a video blog, I have all these thoughts that just sort of dissipate into my crazy rambling trains of thought that meander from place to place with no rhyme or reason. After I have finished and am just watching to see if I was TOO crazy ~laugh~, then I think "oh ya, I was totally going to add this...or that". 

One of the things I am VERY bad at, is titling songs (and albums). While I see to be able to find my words for blogs and lyrics, when it comes to summing up a song or album into a word or two, my brain just seems to freeze and I cannot place the song into words. Twilight was definitely one such song. I was calling it "Love song" for AGES, not because I thought that was a good title. NO, I had the good sense to know it was a horrific title, but because I could not for the life of me come up with a better title. I even asked my friends to help, something that I don't always like to do, because I am EXTREMELY possessive about my lyrics, and am a very accommodating person and don't want to write ever feeling as if I should take someone's suggestion because I don't want them to feel hurt. So I rarely ask for help in my lyrics, and if I do, it's to someone I trust completely. But that is rare. So when I say, I asked my friend and family to help, you KNOW I was stuck. But nobody had any suggestions that I liked. Finally it was Doug who said to me...."why not title it Twilight?". I thought about it for a few moments and although to me it still wasn't ideal, it was a hell of a lot better than "Love Song". And the word twilight is just so luscious, that I enjoy it now.



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