It was sad to leave the studio today, knowing that I will not be back (at least not for some time). I had that bizarre sense of loss, of goodbye, the kind that chokes in your throat and swells in the eyes. Yes I am overly sentimental, a thought that was very present in my mind as I struggled to keep the tears in my eyes from actually manifesting. I am a sap, truly I am. The day went by so quickly and I feel as if I lost all sense of time within it. I wanted to savor every moment and yet I cannot help but feel time passing by. It is inevitable. 

I saw Fergus Marsh (electric bass), Ray Dillard (percussion) and Sharlene Wallace (harp) today and enjoyed just being able to have a conversation with them, to share my excitement about the album coming out. Ray gave me a compliment about my music that I will not soon forget, a real validation to me.

And soon, I will be home to share these all with you....



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