The last leg of the journey, the final touches and tweaks. It is surreal to be in Toronto again. I feel as if today has been a blur, from arriving in the early afternoon, straight to the studio, to this moment now, when finally I can absorb that I am actually in Toronto. That I am here, while the humid air seeps through me, chilling to the bone and the music sings in my veins. That I am here, listening to final mixes and suggesting small changes and hearing 2 years in a single moment. It's a bizarre feeling and I feel almost outside of time. 

The night has finally fallen in my mind. Technically it's been dark for quite some time, but finally the tumbling thoughts of day are easing into the quietudes of night. I want this moment to go on and on. I want to feel the tides of day recede into the thoughts of these songs. 

I sung today, lead vocals for an extra song we are adding...last minute. The day was so hurried, such a frantic feeling leading up to actually arriving, it was hard to settle into the music. My legs were shaking as I sung, the breath harassed within me. I don't know how it sounded really, I have to wait until tomorrow to listen down. To sit and observe how it sounds within the song, how the nuances play themselves out. I feel like I could have sung better today....but I suppose you just have to take what you can do at the time. I always here how professionals can "bring it" every time. There is a comfort though in knowing that I too am flawed and am affected by the emotional energy of the day. While it may mean that I am not always up to par, it also means that I am a mere mortal, living in my emotions, and real...always real down to the last fiber of my being. 

My eyes are heavy and sleep is calling. Tomorrow I will add some pictures. I left my camera at the studio today :)



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