Snow blows across my vision and the world is white once more. Seems spring is stuck in that same waiting place as I am. I wonder if she is as restless as I. From restless dreams that seem to seep so tenaciously into my waking consciousness, to the twitching day that offers only the snow that catches in the wind forming white lines through my eyes. The whip of winter lashing once again. I wait, hitting refresh, oh, ever couple of minutes hoping vainly that perhaps this will be the moment customs releases my package and I can finally get on with all the CD release plans. Already though, in my mind, I am acknowledging that what should have been yesterday may be weeks away, and those 350 mailers will sit on my floor, addressed and stamped until May. It's a depressing thought and one that does not sit well within my chest. Tick tock, tick tock...



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