for my CD release! I am feeling pretty damn excited about it, and fairly prepared...although I keep feeling like I am forgetting something. ~laugh~ Let's hope it doesn't have to do with the music anyway. Been practicing a lot and my voice feels fluid, like silk in my throat. Eurydice, with the violin, harp and percussion takes my breathe away. I could just sit and LISTEN but need to stay focused as I am singing and playing keyboard. It's going to be FANTASTIC, so I am hopeful lots of people show up. 

The women's gathering event on the weekend was so much fun. I partook of 2 workshops, one a sacred sounds workshop, which was awesome and I enjoyed thoroughly. Once I am on stage, it feels as if only 5 minutes have passed and I am already done, even though it's probably been 40 minutes. Time, it seems so fluid, as if it has no bounds. The day sort of slides by, the minutes uncounted until the sounds of the drumming has faded and I am in a darkened car moving towards the hotel, still feeling the energy of the stage within my blood and seeing it in my vision. My beautiful friend took a few pictures, which I uploaded into the picture section on the site. You can also see them under "Past Events - Women Gathering". A bit blurry, but stage pictures are hard to take with a point and shoot camera. The light settings just mess it up EVERY time. 

And now, time slips away again, and though I wish to sit here with my fingers typing the songs of the birds that trill outside my window, there is no time for dreams this week, as I move into my CD release.



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