I drove down the paths of memory today, in an effort to turn my casting call into a "real" casting call ~laugh~. Driving down roads that used to define my days, but haven't been tread for many many years. The familiarity in my bones, each notch outlining the shape of my life. Feeling the edges of memory threatening to run over the brim of today such that the years are gone, melted into a thousand days and nights that are punctuated with these images that layer into an ageless collage. All these call sheets sitting neatly beside my seat and when I turn to the tree-lined campus I am submersed in rehearsals, of notes pressing against my ears, while the orchestra plays. Of royally goofing off on stage, laughing hysterically, while the director's face threatens to erupt, the sputtering lips stained with crimson outrage. I particularly remember how his face would flush and the way his words bounced off the walls, while he watched himself in the mirror. It was fascinating to watch him watch himself lose all sense of decorum. ~laugh~ Later, this was the first place I learned to love learning. I desire to go back to school at all times, some days it's more activated, others it sits, a crouching roar at the back of my mind. It's not the end I desire, not the degree or the job, it's the path, the feeling of invigoration that knowledge brings to me. Today I was energized just being in such a space, it feels so alive, constantly evolving with bright thoughts and patterns. I placed my sheets and walked away with this irrepressible excitement which floated through the thickness of the day, I felt as if I was buoyant on top of it. 

Saturday is the first video meeting and as I sit in bubbly fantasy I wonder if perhaps I just will never grow up already ~laugh~. I could live in this space, of music, of image and layers of meaning forever. Of creating poetry in motion, poetry in song. I live for this stuff, it just fills my entire being with light. I feel unstoppable when working through creation. I feel completely present, right here in this moment, fueled on ideas alone. I love it even more than performing, which often retraces paths I have been down, although the weaving of vocal threads has it's own inherent momentary spontaneity, as the body adjusts to every little variable. When I actually think about what I love about performing, it is actually just being in the moment, in living in a space that has no past or future, that simply is. 

First meeting for the Eurydice video is on Saturday and I think we are going to shoot starting in October. ~happiness~

And now for the actual reason for this blog (man am I long-winded sometimes!)....

I have a live interview on the CKUW 95.9 program Shades of Classics on Sunday morning. Here are all the details...

The show is on October 4th from 8:00 - 10:00 AM Central time on 95.9 FM in Winnipeg OR you can hear it livestreamed online on CKUW's website http://ckuw.ca/. My interview is at 9:30 Central time (which means 7:30 PST, 8:30 MST, 10:30 EST). Whew. What can I say, I am completely stoked about it! So I hope you will listen either right then or in the archives later on.



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