I stood today and gave myself to looking out the window for a few moments, while the clouds churned in the sky and the day was sleepily awakening from its night reveries. I stood and gave myself to the spring that was unfurling in front of me, until my eyes felt soft within the contours of the hills and the deer appeared from within the shadows of my modern eyes, which see nothing but flitting images, neon and concrete. I watched the deer graze, rapt in their normalcy, while the machines clawed at the earth barely 50 feet above them, ripping and shredding. The contrast held me in it's overpowering gaze, the crux of our existence carried out within the safety of my vision. The deer, unfazed, the machines unaware. It was an image that carried within it all the complexities of my own thoughts, and the way I feel as I watch the city eat away the beauty I moved here to move in, to live in, to sink into as quickly and easily as a dream. And just as fleeting I suppose, it slips through the fingered tendrils of spirit, as I watch them cut and rip away to progress into oblivion. There is a song somewhere in there, but I wouldn't know where to begin....

The Toronto CD release is on Friday! FRIDAY! Of course I am completely sick. MEH. I fully plan to be completely better by Friday though :). Check out my events for all the details but basically...

Fire Escape Recording Studio
Suite 207 - 258 Wallace Ave
Toronto, ON
7:30 pm
Come to the East side of the building and up the fire escape :)

I posted a new video blog about The Birch's Lament....of course I get the light settings as good as I can get with a webcam and adjust my blinds the right way. And about 2 seconds after I hit record, the sun comes out from behind the clouds and blinds everything. That ALWAYS happens to me...I should have learned my lesson by now eh? hehe

Also, "Shades of Classics" on CKUW is going to be doing a feature of my new album on June 7th, between 8 and 10 am central time. YEA! How fantastic is THAT? I can't believe how many people are loving the album. I mean, I hoped they would, obviously ~laugh~, but as a sensitive-pony-tail-musician type I can get down when faced with copious amounts of negativity. So far, it's been AWESOME!

The CD is being featured as album of the week on Folkland radio in Germany. Go have a look! I can't actually READ what it says there, but I am thrilled none-the-less about having my CD as album of the week.



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