All day I have wanted to sit and find the words to synthesize my CD release last night. After such a huge event, my favorite time is actually after the last guest has left, when there is a chaos of half empty plates, strewn wine glasses and fading stage lights. When the candles are burned down to the quick and I can take off my shoes, sit back with a glass of wine and just breath in the night, as if all of it were contained in that funnel of smoke that spirals so lazily into the sky from the blown out tealight. When the notes still echo in my ears and the mumble of conversation seems to still hover in the air. When all those who worked behind the curtain of the stage, behind the illusion of perfection to make the event seamless can sit and chat. When laughter weaves its way around the magic that permeated the air of such coalescing timing and beauty. I didn't get my chance to fully do that last night, barely but a half a glass of wine as people bustled around me until I felt I needed to get up and help. But today, as I sit and breath in the fading light, as the leaves cast their lively shadows upon my face, I can feel the strands of yesterday resonate within my cells.

I put up some pictures of the event under Events: Heartwood Release. The release was held at a historic church in Calgary. The first second I walked in there I knew I wanted to host my release there, the stained glass felt alive with life and peace seemed to emanate from the very bricks and wood of the building. It did not disappoint. We set up dozens and dozens of glass tealight holders, many of them lining the stage. The stage had a central staircase up the middle as well as two side staircases. The main staircase had silver lanterns along the edges of each side, which were mirrored on the food and merch tables. All was rich in wood and deep red wines, but that was all merely shadowed by the splendor of liquid light pouring in streams of greens and blues through the vines and leaves of the stained glass. Through the softness of an afternoon lit by grace and beauty. The energy of such loveliness just hovered in the hours of set up, through the chords and mics being moved, and into our sound check in which the hall fills with breath and life, notes and sound. I cannot even begin to express the pure pleasure of having a violin, a harp, percussion and a backup vocalist. Wow. I wanted to swim in that sound, give myself to it, lay within it and lose myself in it's currents. Of course, instead I am singing, focused, sitting on that knife edge of performance where I cannot simply enjoy but must be my voice. 

Laws of Attraction opened for me and I took the liberty of sitting in the front row and just being in that moment. God did they sound amazing! Laurene's voice just filled the whole space and Scott's guitar literally sung. And suddenly I am on the stage before a hushed crowd and singing the last two years of my life in celebration of this entity, this CD. The drums pound as if from inside of my body, while the violin breaks my heart with it's longing. Ethereal notes touch my body as if made of spider silk, so soft and delicate is Vanessa's voice while the harp is a running current through the entirety of it, the sound of light. I tell stories and sit with my purple glass of water, jeweled crystals of life. At some point I am on the keyboard and Eurydice wrings me out with it's longing to be released. To perform with such wonderful musicians, with such a combination of pure beauty was pleasure greater that floating in the ocean, greater than standing in the sun. It is emotion of light. 

Of course, to me, the CD release is less a "concert" and more a celebration. To follow such sumptuousness of music with sweet organic wine and divine chocolates only seems natural. At one point people are lined up talking to me, and I barely have time to process how humbling it is to be there, how precious this moment is. Too soon all is done and I am sitting on a wooden pew, bare feet, with a glass of wine in my hand, my head thick with wine and the pleasure of it all. It felt rich. It felt real. And it felt exactly like me. 

Thank-you to everyone who made this possible. In particular I want to mention: Bryan, Tamara, Beverly, Mom, Jan, Trudy, Barb, Vanessa, Keven, Derek and the Lantern Community Church. 

And.....the CD is now officially released. HURRAY! YEA! WOOT! It's available in the store section.



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