The day dawns clear and bright, and already the heat is rising from the fecundant green hills. Each blade of grass carries the scent of memories to me, somehow the summer evokes more emotion, more deeply held visions of younger me's. Already I feel the fleeting passage of time as the days run by each other, as water over stones. Why is it that at the height of growth and lush richness, there is always the hint of decay carried in the heat of the day? Like shadows in the wall, hues of yesterday dappling through the now, promising for tomorrow. I feel the need to slow down, to lay myself within summer, drinking her sweetness.

June was here and gone with little to mark it's passage. The longest day came and went in the haze of busyness. Song, the thread weaving through the bright days, as notes rise and swell within me. Spending a week in Toronto to record was a waking dream, vivid in its lucidity. I listen to these musical frames Doug and I worked on with intensity. I hear growth, I hear confidence, I hear a clarity that just wasn't present before. The songs feel alive and always I wonder how they came to pass through me, as air passes through the lungs. Do these musical thoughts pass through us all? Vibrations, moving between and around the living frequencies, dispelling the separation in our minds? Strange thoughts that are difficult to put into words. I could do this forever. The CD is to be entitled "Heartwood", which is so evocative to me, that it brings a flood of feeling and visuals. Sun dappling through the trees; the secrets of the heart held safe; the richness of the inner life exposed; the lifeblood of nature. These are all thoughts that pass through my mind as I think of Heartwood. I am pleased.

Water Valley was an amazing experience, and the day is colored by the sound of the wind in the aspens as we sat outside listening to so many great musicians. My own performance felt bright and sweet, as the sun flooded the hardwood floor of the schoolhouse. The performance with Frank Horvat was not as well attended as I had hoped, but still, each performance is it's own entity, a creation that exists for those moments with it's own unique interplay between musicians and audience. I feel grateful to those that came, to their open energy and the intimacy of the group. Finally the summer recital of Katherine Ardo's students, in which she asked us each to say why we sing. What answer could I give but joy? I sing because it brings me joy to do so, and it was joy I felt as I stood on that stage singing the songs of my heart, put to words my experiences, put to song all my tangled feelings. Joy.

And so June passes so quickly into July. Though the day is hot, the wind barely whispering in my ears, already I feel fall on it's way. Living in the moment can be so hard, when there is always so much to look forward to. So much of tomorrow contained within the past.



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