Spring cracks open, the sun as bright as a yolk in the sky. I went out today for the first time without a jacket and didn't feel cold. It was one of those perfect days, when the chill still sits on your cheeks and hands and the sun is warm upon your back. Not the blazing heat of summer, nor the stinging cold of winter. I haven't found my first crocus yet, it lies slumbering beneath the rigid grasses that have bent to winter's whims. Still, I feel the first growth is soon upon us, and I eagerly anticipate the exaggerate abundance of the pink crabapple blossoms and the lovely fresh fragrance of the Mayday tree. That was always my favorite time to walk to school as a kid, when the Maydays were in bloom, and I could skip beneath their heavy heady blooms, picking the ones that strayed to touch my wind kissed hair. Funny, I don't have a Mayday in my yard and it is the ONLY tree I ever wanted. 

What a beautiful day! It soothes my senses, which were desperately in need of soothing after DAYS spent on the phone with UPS trying to figure out my order from Discmakers. After giving the same information that was needed to clear the package through customs 4!!!!! separate times, I was feeling on the verge of banging my head against the wall while muttering about the stupidity of humanity. That or just going postal, pardon the expression ~laugh~. Looks like it might have cleared though and I will have my CDs within a day or so. YEA! I will be able to breath easier once they are here and I have pulled one out of the packaging and listened to it. Oh please, oh please let it all be good. I have had enough mistakes for one project. 

So I will phone UPS one more time, in my paranoid anxiety driven craze and then head out to breath in spring, and feel her soft hands soothe away worry behind my eyes....



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