15 hours in the studio yesterday...15! But, saying that, Oh.my.gods. Wow. Fergus Marsh came in first to lay down some electric bass and chapman stick. Crazy talented! Then Sharlene Wallace brought her harp, and just added this beautiful melodic aspect to the songs, and finally Ray Dillard brought an arsenal of percussive instruments and blew our minds. An immensely satisfying day and the songs take on a form and shape I could have barely imagined. It's amazing how their personalities interact with the music being created, it seems wrong almost to claim credit for writing when they put so much of themselves into the music. 

I am short on time right now, but am including a picture of Fergus and I ~smile~

A deluge of rain last night, just pouring in buckets, streaming down the window as the sky lit up with crash after crash of thunder. It was....awe inspiring, magnificent....I wanted to stand in the rain and just feel it on my face, but thought I might look at tad crazy. We stayed a bit after the last sessions because the rain was literally pouring out of the sky. I would have just walked in it, soaking myself to bone, just to feel it, the coolness of it...the power of the storm...

more later....



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