The end of summer stretches out in the languid arms of sumptuous day. While the heat laid it's long body upon the land, I enjoyed letting the light waken me, gently nudging my eyes into wakefulness, the sun already already tracking the moon in the sky as the dreams swirled and formed shapes around me. September comes and brings the frenzy of school, the tiredness of anticipating the sun and emerging from my cocoon of sleep into the stillness of night. I shuffle each morning into the shower and mentally tick off the million things that I need to do to make the day work. Still, I must admit that despite my loathing of slicing through my dreams to find my alarm blaring, I am in awe of the sunrise each day. The way the color catches me off guard and drives all breath from my body. I love being caught in it's gaze, lured into reveries and stillness, into awe. I love that I can still be moved by the searing quality of it's beauty. 

Over the last week I have had the pleasure of a number of beautiful emails regarding the CD and the writers have graciously allowed me to use some of their words on my Heartwood - Quotes page. At times I feel unworthy of such praise. I feel humbled by the response to this album.



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