The autumn rains are falling, so softly, and yet the sun shines upon my eyes, weaker already, white as it falls into the western mountains. The days, the flow so sweetly into each other, so swiftly, with naught but the flicker of light between them. I feel restless, desire for something that seems unnamed. I am longing for something that eludes me, and so I dance with day and night, feeling calm only within the twilight, in the spaces in between. 

The cover and CD design has started, and the process is quite enjoyable. It is I who is to take some of the pictures for the inside of the album, filled with treasures that speak to me of my music. How delightful to take my words and notes, and place them again into images that inspire them, what a circle to complete. I am a magpie, collecting rocks and sticks, feathers and leaves, all things that might not mean anything to anyone else, but that fill me with wonder. My house is filled with these, rocks sit on almost all surfaces, from my TV to my fireplace, to my bathtub to beside my bed. Driftwood fills my yard, and sits in my window sills, and feathers are littered everywhere in between. These are the treasures that hold pieces of me within. The idea of collecting them and placing them on an impossibly purple piece of heartwood fills my heart with joy. It is like making a package, a gift to send out and I absolutely find immense joy in giving. Already my mind is thinking of how to bring these songs to life in an image. I am so excited to do this, and wish I could give my entire day to this until complete. Instead I am scattered, a million pieces of paper given to the wind, so many different facets of my life needing attention all at the same time. When all I want to do is live here, in this purpleheart, in the music, in the design, in creation. Twilight will come soon and in it peace....



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