Suddenly I am having this very intense desire to work on a song I had started but lost my mojo for months and months and months ago. I feel it viscerally beneath my eyelids, like a sheen of sweat on my body. 

Your simian heart pounds so savage
It teems with longing
Jungle it roars in your veins
Lusting, wild its songing

Dance in the dark, my seeker 
Dance with the dark, I want to 
Dance with your ecstasy
And die as I come alive

Your dark honey eyes shine ferocious
Their hungry bower
Flesh flowered lips, lush and petaled
Of me devour 

Tribal the pounding drums
So tribal your pounding heart, it’s
Tribal, your heart desiring
Stirring the beast inside 

So savage the wild entices
Savage the heart's devices
Savage the breath is gasped
So savage within my grasp


and off to the piano I go...



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