I'm in the studio...right now! Listening down to all the final mixes. Doug is tweaking and nudging and already Fergus Marsh has already come and gone, and at the risk of sounding a bit boring, it all feels very homey and cozy ~laugh~. A lot like how my life is at home, working sporadically with interruptions a constant part of my life, people dropping by and stopping to drink a tea (or coffee if you swing that way) and discussing all the important things in life...namely music ~laugh~ It's funny to blog from here, so I won't linger long, but thought I would upload a pic of me yesterday singing leads on Winter. 

The string arrangement is sparse and sounds exactly as snow falling so softly on a winter's eve. Delicate and cool to the touch. Love it. It sticks in my brain long after the last night is gone. Alrighty...back to work....heh



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