Just a quick note to say that I am singing on Friday at an eclectic recital this Friday (12th) at Scarboro United Church. 

7:00 pm
134 Scarboro Avenue SW

It was snowing this weekend, it feels like fall, hardly as if summer is but a heartbeat away. Though I long to take off my socks and walk barefoot on the grasses, though I desire the sensation of the sun kissing my shoulders, I still enjoy the feeling of the cool air on my skin through my open window. The way the blankets settle around me while I cocoon myself in bed while the air moves like cool water outside of that little bubble of warmth. I love to stand and feel the hairs on the back of my neck lifting in that crisp embrace while the deer graze on the hills and the verdant green of a tenacious spring steals its way across the rustling trees.



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