I just spent a lovely afternoon in my sweat pants and 3 inch spike boots ~laugh~ Since I am not really a "heel" sort of girl, I figured it might be a good idea to practice both voice and piano in them and not fall on my face on Saturday. heh. 

The rain has come and I threw open the windows in my bedroom and just sighed into that air that smells like nothing else in the world, pregnant in freshness, heavy with clouds and the taste of sky libations. We don't see a lot of rain here, so when the ground is sprinkled in indulgent drops, I feel like I am awakening into memory with the thought "I remember how much I love the smell of the rain, the feeling of it tangling in my hair, the lasciviousness of water on my skin". All those lingering loneliness wash away and I sit in the fluidity of a day that never seems to become day. When the sun is buried beneath waves of grey clouds night and day just bleed together, one easing into the borders of the other. Already it feels as if night slowly seeps into my consciousness. 

I feel indulgent as I write this, taking time to ponder and let my fingers stroke the keys while the words tumble like river rocks in my mind. I cannot help but daydream a bit, even though the release occupies my thoughts and my entire being these days. Two days...



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