I am so thrilled that the following radio stations have put my songs in rotation. For the most part, 'Light' is the one that is being put in rotation, but feel free to request any of my songs if you listen to these stations!

CJSF 90.1 FM - Vanconver, B.C.

Indielove Radio
CHMR 93.5 FM - St. John's,
NLCIBL 101.5 FM - Montreal,
QCCKUT 90.3 FM - Montreal,
QCCKCU 93.1 FM - Ottawa,
ONCRAM/Spiritlive Radio - Internet Radio
CILU 102.7 FM - Thunder Bay,
ONCKXU/CKUL 88.3 FM - Lethbridge,
ABCJLY 107.5 FM - New Denver,
BCCJSF 90.1 FM - Vanconver, B.C.
CFRT 107.3 FM - Nunavut



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