Well, I am pretty stoked to say that I will be on BT tomorrow morning. For those of you NOT in Calgary, BT (or Breakfast Television) is a CityTV show that airs every weekday starting at 6 am. And *I* am going to be performing on BT tomorrow morning at 9:40am! Yea! It feels like a pretty big deal, so I am super excited. I have a harpist playing with me, which is awesome. So check me out tomorrow morning if you have a chance. 9:40 on CityTV.

I am also pretty thrilled at the first responses to the mailers I have sent out. The following radio stations have added my music to their programming....

The Fox CFXU 93.3FM - Campus radio in Antigonish, NS
CJNE-94.7 FM - Saskachewan
CKFU - 93.1 FM - Community based campus radio in Ottawa, ON
CJUM/UMFM 101.5 FM - Campus radio in Winnipeg, MB
CJSW 90.0 FM - Campus radio in Calgary, AB

All I have to say is, thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

I will be back on the site in just a few hours chatting for anyone who wants to join :)



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