I am very excited that the following radio stations are playing my music:
CAPR Radio - Sydney, NS
CFLX 95.5 FM - Sherbrooke, QC
CSCR Fusion Radio - Scarborough, Ontario
CHRW 94.9 FM - London, Ontario 
CKMO 900 AM - Victoria, B.C.

After practicing all week in my new music room (ya!), I kept having this recurring flash of the wren in my mind, and in my dreams the notes started to percolate up, as if I were but remembering the vestiges of a song. Perhaps it was the sparrows that brought such thoughts, flitting through my vision as the singular noise from the headphones danced through my cognition, practicing...practicing. Already I feel as if my new room, which allows me to practice while watching the birds is bringing new songs to me. 

I have started this one...called the Wren...but it's far from complete. These are just my initial thoughts, all written down in a rush, like air escaping from a balloon, in a panic to remember the twinging thought that created them...

The Wren
The wren, she sings
Through heartache and harrow
Through the candlelit vigils 
To bring your love home

The wren, she cries
The darkness to stillness
And the twilight holds
Her fluttering breath

The wren she hides 
In the chinks in the armor
You buckle and strap
To hold your heart in

More to come...



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