It is a drizzly night, the sound of it smoothing out all the rough edges. There are some sounds that are healing, that have a wholeness to them and for me, the rain is a aural salve. There are days I find the endless noise of a city that never sleeps, of the river of electrons bombarding the house to be overwhelming, sometimes I desire only the sound of trees and wind, birds and rain. These...never feel tedious to me, as if perhaps they are the creation of music in and of itself. Tonight though, I am content to listen to this small symphony of living that breathes and sighs itself all around me. 

I am so pleased with the concert on Sunday. It was, for sure an engaging experience. To have spoken word at a concert is unique but just felt so right. I think the audience agreed with me ~smile~. I am already scheming for another, and all I can think is "fairy tale". Modern, edgy, grown up interpretations.....I think it could be a lot of fun...

A few pictures from the night....



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