Day 3! Was woken up at 9:45 this morning ~laugh~, with half an hour to get ready and out the door. Insanity! Luckily I am not a high maintenance girl, and I even got to eat breakfast in the tight timeline. Not my best look but hey, I had to have a shower, get dressed AND eat something....~laugh~

It's easy to get in the swing of things here, to walk to the transit as if I lived here, to navigate through the subway, and read my book while doing so. That intuition you seem to get in the middle of the chapter " stop". Walking down the street, I can almost imagine myself seeing the seasons change here, as if I were a part of the mosaic that makes up this city, and it has almost been so, having been here just 8 months ago. In September, watching the leaves start to turn, and now, seeing the flowers in bloom, I can almost imagine that I had seen all the seasons in turn, that they were just the cycles of my life and I in turn part of the cycles of the city. 

I feel like I am this weird juxtaposition between city and country girl. I love nature, that should be obvious by now, my lyrics are filled with images, the cherry blooming, the way the sunlight dapples through the forest canopy, the forlorn waves upon the sea. I feel replete walking amidst the trees of the forest or sitting on the edge of the ocean looking into it's vastness. I also enjoy walking through the streets of a city bustling with life. Seeing the people, taking in the living spirit of the place, feeling it breath. How on earth do you have both? 

Music, were we talking about music? Everytime I come I feel like I am challenged to new things, like recording vocals while simultaneously playing piano. Yup, that is a challenge for me. Growth, that's what the journey is about right? Recorded the scratches for Madron Well and for Children of Lir today. Madron was difficult for me, we added it at the last minute so I hadn't really practiced much on it, and I felt like I was constantly flat. Of course that just makes me feel anxious and does nothing to improve the performance. Afterwards, Doug and I were talking and he says "I think this should be your last one, a blessing of sorts at the end". ~smile~ What a guy! Totally got what I was saying with that song, totally felt the spirit of that place, the uplifting peaceful song that seems to sing within your heart, just emanating from the very trees. 

Know the wellspring of your heart
For magic lies in thee

Yes, I like that. A lot. 

I look around the studio and cannot even believe the sheer amount of gear that is there. It is, astounding. I do not know even the first thing about all the knobs and levers and wires and cables. It does make we want to push things, the urge to do so sparkles in my eyes, I just know it. ~laugh~

Worked straight through today, the songs have a shape, and the joy is butterflies easing from the cocoon of my chest. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day, probably 12 hours in the studio or more. But...musicians ~squee~! Harp, violin, percussion, and other very cool stuff. We had talked about a dulcimer...a DULCIMER, but alas it was not to be. How cool would that have been? Want to see where I was singing today?

You might be asking yourself...what is WITH that blog title? Pineapple weed? ~smile~ We took a 5 minute break, and I walked down to park, stood among the rustling trees, felt the wind in my air, it was almost as windy as Calgary and there was the most wonderful field of ONLY pinapple weed. The smell of sweet chamomile drifting up as I walked, soft and yellow in my mind and soothing as if I had drunk it. Lovely! Once again the plants color my whole day, that is the memory sitting closest in my mind, pinapple weed and my sheer delight at a field of it. 

Back at the home base, Fiona listened while I did my chart homework, and then we gabbed while drinking our own tea, Earl Grey. Quite. ~laugh~ After a long day, there is nothing better than pjs, a good friend and a cup of tea. And chocolate cake...can't forget that. pjs. They are hot. ~laugh~ What is with my bad pictures today? 

The city is cool today, the winds strong, moving my skirt, teasing my hair. It feels alive, as if we are all just cells in its body, creating a living organism. It was a good day



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