Tomorrow I fly out! I am so full of enthusiasm and excitement, it's hard to sit still. And yet, I am writing a blog, when I have SO much to do. So much to do and...the kids are sick. GAH! Which means they are home from school. Which means I feel very very guilty about putting them into a car and driving all over the place trying to get it all done. 

As if it hasn't been busy enough, we spent the weekend driving to lovely B.C. to look at a house there. It always feels like home when I drive into the Kootenays, maybe that's why we are wanting to move there. The mist hung low on the mountains all weekend, clouds, lazily moving over the green trees and the lake was an immense mystery, coyly holding to itself, hiding its secrets deep within. Sometimes it is difficult to drive onto the foothills of Alberta after the lush wildness of BC. I feel like I need to switch gears, from the dreamy cocoon of the Kootenays, I have to get back into "I'm leaving for Toronto tomorrow" mode ~laugh~ It's hard to come home to row after row of beige boxes. 

Isn't it lovely there? Cold though, the damp air gets under my skin, chilling me to the bone. For someone born and raised in one of the driest places in North America, the humidity can be...challenging. Cold that clings to your bones, settling into the very fiber of your being, or sticky hot, breathing in inferno air saturated with water. So many people love the humidity ~laugh~ 

Tomorrow, tomorrow! I can't believe this is me, flying to Toronto. How lucky I am!



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