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I am back in the studio today. I can't believe it! The time between the June recordings and now has flown by at an impossible rate and it feels like just yesterday that I was in Toronto. In a way I am not ready for these dates, not ready to finish the vocals for now, not ready to be done with my part of the recording. I want to extend it and live in this moment longer, I am not ready to give up all the exhilaration that comes along with this first recording of my own music. I live in this contradiction. I spend a week intensely recording and living in the music, and then it's back to normal life, and then a month or two or more later, I am back, immersed in the music for more recordings. On the one hand, it's terrific to be able to spread out the recordings, to work on the areas I am weak in, to breathe in between and get new perspectives, to let the music evolve a bit on its own. On the other hand, I feel like I stunt myself my getting into the flow of the recordings, getting into that space only to leave before I am ready. I would love to record an album all at one time, to just take a block of time and quite simply live in that space until it is finished. A difficult thing with a family.

I sat at my piano the other night, and played, while the wind sung in the aspens out my window. There isn't much in life that gives me more pleasure than having the window open as I play, so that the waves of air upon the aspens, trembling and sighing as if they were tides of leaves, meld with the notes to create the perfect harmony of sounds. There were other things I needed to do at that particular moment, but I couldn't pry myself away from the piano, the sounds of the notes in the wind, the feeling of the aspens as if I were immersed within their leafy bowers. How I love the aspens. And the window is positioned such that when I play my piano I feel as if I am outside, the sounds are so clear and present, so near. 

Today, is the studio, vocals for the last two songs. I feel an intense excitement mixed with a tiny drop of fear ~laugh~ My hardest song, and this time I need it to be right. I will post some pictures when I get them today or tomorrow....



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