Below is the review by John Iverson that appeared in Stylus Magazine. Yea!

"This is the second full release by singer/songwriter Sora, a Calgary mother of four young children who skillfully manages to balance a career in music with the arduous task of raising a family. The album Heartwood was fashioned in response to a very successful EP she released last year that showcased her remarkable compositional skills combined with her opulent voice. Sora teamed up with producer Douglas Romanow to create a balanced recording of Celtic-inspired folk tunes that are ethereal and mysterious, ushering the listener on a journey of self-discovery. When I listened to this recording, the extraordinary Loreena McKennitt immediately came to mind, as you can’t help but draw parallels between her music and Sora’s, particularly the musical style and the way they both immerse themselves in the music that they perform. Trained as a violinist and pianist, Sora draws on these skills and experiences to help her create a enchanting listening soundscape that is highlighted by her passionate and heartfelt singing. Woven throughout the eleven selections on this album are captivating arrangements, unique instrumentation, and a poignant string quartet. Add to the mix some top-notch musicians such as the amazing violinist Hugh Marsh, and you have a winning formula! I particularly enjoyed the presence of the string quartet, the haunting violin, and the accompanying percussion. Of particular note are the title track, the string quartet-fashioned piece “Winter,” and the haunting tracks “Hurricane” and “Children of Lir.” As soon as you begin listening to this album, its beauty and expressiveness will capture your heart and spirit."

I'm singing tonight at Scarboro United Church, just a short set, but it's a beautiful day for a summer recital and I am looking forward to it. Jan is playing the harp and I will be on the piano and violin as well.



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