It's early, and my brain still feels a bit blurred around the edges with sleep. I could easily close my eyes and slip into the cool waters of a dream. I should not have planned a whole week of late nights and early mornings! WHAT was I thinking? ~laugh~. I had meant yesterday to blog and say I wasn't around to chat, as I am trying to be online the first Tuesday of every month, and time just whizzed by and in the chaos of surprise visitors I just forgot. Very sorry to anyone who might have been on the site ready to chat. I will set another time for next week. 

I wanted to share this review that I was thrilled to recieve....

"Once in a while, you experience something very special when listening to a new album, one such album is the latest offering from Calgary-based Sora, titled ‘Heartwood’. The name Sora stems from the native American word meaning ‘singing bird soaring,’ which is very apt for a unique talent. The words magical, captivating and enchanting can all be used with confidence, as Sora takes the listener to a place of pureness and emotional fulfilment. With a feel of Operatic and Celtic fused together, each track is as strong as the last or the next offering, with each forming a personal and mystical mental picture. I would also advise anyone who purchases this album, to read the lyrics of each track, and enjoy them in a poetic environment, such is the depth of the writing, add the subtle instrument-playing and Sora’s delivery, and this is without doubt one of the most emotive and exceptional albums I have had the pleasure to listen to."
Paul Abraham
Leeds Music Promotion



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