The days seem to melt so easily into the sun, the hours quietly counting in the shadows until the wind draws in the restless night. Each night I watch the trees swaying into the droplets that dance in the arms of the summer storms. It is an uneasy balance that is scarcely seen of felt in the still of the dawn. 

I have been practicing and finding that rhythm again. Finding that discipline again. As a kid, I practiced as minimally as I possibly could. I have NO idea how I managed to become proficient at anything. I was to practice violin for 1 hour each morning and more often than not would be playing my orchestra parts and fiddle tunes, letting the familiar roll through my fingers rather than practice that really tough Bruch concerto ~laugh~. These days I would rather play what is in my heart, whatever notes are carried in the stillness of the spaces in between. To have my own room seems so indulgent. I sit in front of my keyboard and feel startled by the relative silence of it all. The headphones slip on as cool as water on my skin and the notes are contained within the vacuum of that space. The keyboard faces out into my yard, and further into the ravine. What I see though is the cherry bush and the pontentilla, exuberant in their growth and dancing in the wind. There is an alchemy that happens when I play and watch the trees, as if the notes are shaping such thoughts and the wind is in my fingers. There seems to be no space between the notes that chase the wind and the leaves folding and bending to it's whims and the wind itself. And within, I feel the forest breathing. 

So entranced have I been in the storms of late, I have neglected to update my radio list, which I did today. 

CKRL 89.1 - Quebec City, Quebec
CSKY - St. Anne de Bellevue, QC
CFFF Trent Radio - Peterborough, ON
CKLU 96.7 FM - Sudbury, ON
CFBX 92.5 FM - Kamloops B.C.

I am humbled and so grateful for the radio play!



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