We drove to BC last weekend, and left a city beige and colorless. Coming down from Roger's Pass I was struck by the intense new green of the freshly unfurled leaves, it was almost shocking after months of grey and brown. The sun dappled through and they seemed almost as if they had been painted, so vibrant was the color, so intense. I felt this pang, desire poignant and visceral, to just step out of the car and immerse myself in the color, in the living painting before me. To feel the brushstrokes of the earth stroking my eyes. A weekend gone, and I am remiss to come home again, thinking of how I must once again immerses myself in the drabness of the bare trees. To my amazement the city sprouted over just those few days, trees opening to the sun. What a relief to drive into a city in bloom!

The rains have come, and while I exalt in the feeling of the cool drops on my face and the crisp smell of the earth, I am tire of the grey sky this week. I cocooned myself and worked, furiously for the early part of the week. Every day I went to bed with my mind moving a thousand miles a minute, thinking of all I needed to do tomorrow. Today though, I feel like the grey sky has encapsulated me, and it feels oppressive. A song plays over and over in my head, inspired by one single image in my mind. That of Arwen lying down on the hill in her grieve and sorrow, to be absorbed by the earth. The image has stayed with me ever since I first read the extras in the The Lord of the Rings. The notes sliding like water down through the chords, strange and unnerving. I sit at my piano and play and play, the notes moving through dissonance, releasing something within. The rain mixes with the melancholy of the piano and I live in that space. Calling my name over and over, this song lives in my psyche.

I am in Toronto in just a few weeks. I am just figuring out how I can update blogs and photos from there, and will be updating every day if I get a chance. I will be putting in a RSS feed. I am....excited. So much more to say...but later, later...



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