It is with complete indulgence that I am writing this from Lacquer Channel right in the middle of the mystical mastering sessions. We are almost through the songs and then we are picking order and spacing. To sit here at the end, in a hushed room, listening to the final tweaks on the album is the most surreal of all feelings. And while it is the end, it is also the beginning. Most certainly it feels like the end of this moment, of this part of the journey, the little goodbyes that have to be said as I hand off the project and focus my attention on the next leg. I haven't had time to absorb it all, so there are no musings, just a sense of imminency, of movement, of looking back and trying to coalesce it all in my mind. My feelings are scattered, moving between the elated excitement, the satisfaction of fruition and a tinge of sadness to be done, because I have SO enjoyed this process. 

That picture was taken just a tiny bit ago of me and Geoge....I have been taking video just of the spaces that have cohabited with me over these last couple of years.



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